Montana Mornings

I sometimes forget, with all the busyness of my family, their school activities, their extra curricular activities, the ranch and the bookwork, just how blessed we really are to live in this amazing place! 

How lucky we are to have a view like this! #Blessed #Montana

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Teaching Moments

I have always believed that growing up on a ranch is one of the best opportunities in the world for kids. They learn the ideas of dedication, compassion, empathy, compassion, elevation and sorrow.  But they also learn that regardless of the outcome, our job as a rancher is to do the best and most for the animals under our care.

This is one of the newest additions to our ranch.  She was born prematurely but we are doing our best to help her survive.  This is one of our boys helping her to increase her body temperature. Here is a 9 year old who has the personal belief that it is his responsibility to help with the calves.

Next morning, Dad and middle son are feeding our premie.  Many do not make it through the night, (think how a premature child would be, except the calves do not have the benefit of oxygen and the wonderful advancements that has been made for them!) so to have her awake, alert and hungry is a victory in its own.  

Our son has learned that it is our job to care for our animals and if it involves blankets, floor time and bottles, that is what will be done.

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That time of year.

It’s that time of year again when our living room becomes the theater for the heifer watch.  Where the 3 boys grab the field glasses just in case someone missed a tail up or another stumbling creature just born, trying to get their first meal.  It’s calving time!

Outside the front door of our house.

One of a pair of twins,  she is being grafted to a new Mom who lost her calf the day before. (Think in terms of adopting a new calf). 

One of the new stumbling calves, spotted by our oldest (granted she had calved about 1 hour ago and already tagged , but he was proud!)

What a great way to raise our three boys!  Where they are allowed to see the beauty of new life and help with calves  when they need to.  

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