That time of year.

It’s that time of year again when our living room becomes the theater for the heifer watch.  Where the 3 boys grab the field glasses just in case someone missed a tail up or another stumbling creature just born, trying to get their first meal.  It’s calving time!

Outside the front door of our house.

One of a pair of twins,  she is being grafted to a new Mom who lost her calf the day before. (Think in terms of adopting a new calf). 

One of the new stumbling calves, spotted by our oldest (granted she had calved about 1 hour ago and already tagged , but he was proud!)

What a great way to raise our three boys!  Where they are allowed to see the beauty of new life and help with calves  when they need to.  

About jandbbergin

I am a mother of 3 boys and along with my husband, we run a ranch/feedlot in rural Montana.
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