When Mom’s away

As I have often done in the past few years, I have had to rely on my rancher to run both sides of the household and the ranch while I travel and advocate for agriculture. I tease and joke about having 3 sons, 1 husband and a total of 5 boys, but in reality, I have a partner who is as dedicated to agriculture advocacy as I am, he is just in the supporting role.

I am not sure if it is realized that behind every one of us that advocate for agriculture, that go to the meetings, the conventions, the workshops, that the rest of the world does not stop because I am gone (I have been reminded of this a few times) but in actuality the world gets harder on some.

When I am gone, my husband takes on my role with our family and our ranch.  And this is in addition to the roles he already plays. I forget that, I know the boys forget that and the world does not see it. I have heard people ask him why he lets me travel for agriculture advocacy, his response has never surprised me. He has always said I don’t let her do something, I encourage her to do it, I hold down the fort at home, do what needs to be done in the ranch.  I add that he is also my sounding board on the phone when he gets to bed at night.

The advocate is not only the individual telling the story, teaching how to tell it or encouraging other and advocates, but is the family back home, holding down the fort and doing multiple roles so that advocates can succeed.

This is my family, and my rock standing beside me supporting me.3FD61345-17A0-4CBB-9E47-6AA74E38A1BF

About jandbbergin

I am a mother of 3 boys and along with my husband, we run a ranch/feedlot in rural Montana.
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