First Impressions. 

 The first day of Brazil was an interesting experience. After walking through a downtown market, half rummy from lack of sleep, we headed to our hotel. It became apparent that there were big plans within São Paulo.  Everywhere people were dressed in their country colors, banners and flags. Our interpreter, Walter, explained the significance.  The people of Brazil were holding peaceful demonstrations throughout the major cities in Brazil (2 million expected here alone) demanding for the resignation of their president and the end to the corruption.  She has an 8% approval rating currently, it’s it falling continuously.  Walter was hopeful that Brasil would take the opportunity to form their government in a manner away from communism (which many felt Brasil had unofficially) and toward a more democratic society. 

What was so amazing to see was how people of all ages, families, all walked in peaceful demonstrations of national pride and solidarity.  There were no riots, no fighting, just solidarity.  They had police in place but there was no need for them, they were a pro caution that was standing and watching.  I wish our country would take a que from the manner that Brasil showed in their peaceful protest.  It was truly awe inspiring to see and to have been allowed to witness.


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I am a mother of 3 boys and along with my husband, we run a ranch/feedlot in rural Montana.
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