NYC from a Ranch Girl

So I made it to NYC. Alittle earlier than expected, but more time to enjoy and maybe even figure this place out.  First impressions, is there even a sky up there? Then I went up to the top of a building, World Trade Center 1, and yes there is a sky?! And you truly can see forever.  Only forever was not to mountains or even hills, but rather an ocean and a lot of roof tops.  Amazing in its own rights but definitely not a ranchers view.  I did however see a NYC garden,  


Pretty sure they do not use flood, wheel line or pivot irrigation.

Another thing that struck me was how there was such a disconnect from people and the outdoors.  The instructions and hints for the subway even tell you, “Do not make eye contact. Doing so could be construed as a sign of aggression.”  Toto, we’re not in Montana anymore! 

About jandbbergin

I am a mother of 3 boys and along with my husband, we run a ranch/feedlot in rural Montana.
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